FOOTBALL: Pre-season position breakdown - QBs

Here is the first part of a pre-season series with my take on each position. These are my opinions, of course formed with a bit of inside information, nevertheless they are just my opinions. I'm going to start with quarterbacks...
July 7, 2004

Dickey Impressive

Throwing a baseball can only help sophomore quarterback <B>Gavin Dickey</B> throw a football with more accuracy and speed. On Monday, Dickey, who does double-duty both for the Gator football and baseball teams, made his spring football practice debut. He seemed, at least to me, that he's been throwing a football everyday since last season ended. "It felt good," said Dickey. "It was fun to get back out there with the guys. You know, run around a bit and throw the football around."
March 22, 2004

Tuesday Report

Tailback Ciatrick Fason is proud to be a Gator. And he's rather excited to get his shot at Georgia based on an incident in his past....
October 28, 2003

Current Gator Depth Chart

Five days and counting until kickoff at the Swamp against San Jose State. Take a look at the current Gator Depth Chart. This is the most recent version (last update on 8/24/2003). Of course the quarterback position is still unsettled.
August 25, 2003

Friday Evening Practice Report

It's no surprise, but Dickey confirmed he will remain a Gator for atleast another season....
August 22, 2003

Friday Morning Practice Report

Zook says nothing has changed regarding Dickey's status. Also, the coach confirms Dingle has academic problems....
August 22, 2003

Dickey Considering Transfer

Gavin Dickey strongly considers transfer. A decision could be made soon...
August 21, 2003