Patriots: The Bubble Watch

Tuesday is a scheduled roster cutdown day for every team in the NFL. Some teams have already begun the process of letting players go as they work to meet the maximum of 75 allowable. The New England Patriots have their own list to compile. Patriots Insider takes a look at those on the bubble and what makes them likely candidates for the turk.
August 28, 2006

UDFAs Signing Quickly

The annual mad dash to sign undrafted rookies immediately after the Draft continues. The New England Patriots are one of those teams actively sifting through the list to find the players they need. Many of these UDFAs are just happy to have an opportunity to compete for a job in the NFL.
May 2, 2006 2005 All-SEC Team releases its 2005 All-SEC Team including the players of the year on offense, defense, and a newcomer of the year.
December 8, 2005

HIDDEN GEM: Hector Hernandez

There are so many football players in the state of Florida who find a way to fly below the radar screen. On one of our many trips across the state this spring and summer, we will bring you several stories just like this that calling on the phone and sitting home watching film will never uncover! Ladies and gentlemen: Hector Hernandez!
April 2, 2005

Current Gator Depth Chart

Five days and counting until kickoff at the Swamp against San Jose State. Take a look at the current Gator Depth Chart. This is the most recent version (last update on 8/24/2003). Of course the quarterback position is still unsettled.
August 25, 2003

Monday's Practice Observations

Who are the starters right now on the OL, at wide receiver and at cornerback? Who is standing out at QB and who has been the surprise(s) at wide receiver? Find out these answers and more with today's practice observations.
August 11, 2003