Herd Works Hard Tuesday, Two Wednesday

Marshall football is heading down the stretch when it comes to camp, as just three more days and five more practices remain. Head Coach Mark Snyder has decided to move up his "walk-through" scrimmage to Friday afternoon (closed to the public) and give the team 48 hours off to get the dead weight out of the legs the weekend before the opener with Illinois State on Aug. 30 at 4:30 p.m.
August 19, 2008

Notes, Stats From August 9 Marshall Workout

Marshall put the first day of pads under its belts with some good hitting and no major injuries. While the coaches are trying to strike a balance between needed hitting and not hitting to injury, the highlight of Saturday's practice was a crack-back block by receiver Bryant Milligan that sprung Darius Passmore for a touchdown during team. Terrell Edwards continued to run well, like he did spring.
August 9, 2008

Herd Hits For First Time Saturday

Marshall football put on the full pads for the first time on Saturday, August 9, and several hundred Herd fans showed up to watch the "Hoot-N-Holler" drill, usually a first-day highlight. But in an effort to stay away from the kind of injuries Marshall sustained in the 2007 season, "H-N-H" was only seven series and hardly a starter was seen in the drill that resulted in just two scores.
August 9, 2008

Taylor Could Be Great Find for IU

Bloomington, Ind. – Four and five-star recruits might be what get fans excited, but it's often the diamonds in the rough that wind up being the key to a team's success or failure down the road. Indiana is looking at that kind of player in South Bend (Ind.) running back Jordan Taylor...
November 2, 2007