Pre-Season Quick Take - Phil Steele

With less than a month to go before fall camp, it's now that point in the year when the pre-season magazines start tumbling out of bookstores and stands, and they all definitely have opinions all their own when it comes to where UW will finish. We'll be breaking down each of the top pre-season mags, starting with the one that claims to be the most accurate over the last decade - Phil Steele.
July 16, 2015

Team Preview: Mt. San Antonio

Every year, Mt. San Antonio is loaded with talented players on both sides of the ball and 2012 is no different. They have a couple of impressive looking prospects who should see quite a bit of recruiting attention in the coming months as they and their team challenge once again for a state title...
September 4, 2012

Keys to success - Offense

Washington will have a new quarterback, but most of the rest of the offense returns intact and another year wiser. Here are five areas where they will need to succeed - and if they do, the offense should be just fine this season.
July 21, 2011

Post-Spring Review: Running Backs

The Huskies emerged from spring with several capable ball-carriers to line up behind whoever ends up at the quarterback position and you can bet the Washington coaches will rely heavily on the running game early in the season as Jake Locker's replacement gets comfortable. With that in mind, here is a post-spring look at the running back and fullback positions as we head into the offseason...
May 4, 2011

Pre-Fall Two-Deeps

SEATTLE - Now that Spring Football is over, it's never too early to look ahead at what the two-deeps might look like when fall camp breaks at Washington, and considering there will be a number of players pulling off red jerseys and putting on either purple or white, this two-deep might look a little different than what you might imagine.
April 30, 2011

Spring Game a Success

SEATTLE - The good news is that the Dawgs beat the Huskies in Washington's Spring Game, 31-14. The bad news is that the Dawgs beat the Huskies in Washington's Spring Game, 31-14. As it always is, playing yourself can reveal strengths, as well as weaknesses, in equal measure.
April 30, 2011

Dawgman Insider Blog: April 2011 is turning into Jake Locker Central as almost every story revolving around the Washington football program is focused on their former quarterback, taken with the No. 8 pick overall by the Tennessee Titans.
April 28, 2011

Coach's Corner

What can you say about spring football? It's about getting reps, particularly for your younger kids, in order to develop them fundamentally in accordance with their position areas. It's basics, to be sure - but it's extremely important to have repetitions in anything you do in athletics. Practice is all about the reps.
April 25, 2011