Jaguars Make Roster Moves

The Jaguars signed five of their practice squad players from the 2007 season to new contracts for 2008.
January 16, 2008

Another Look at Lester Ricard

With two chances to land Brady Quinn in the draft, the Jaguars passed on those opportunities and didn't actually draft any quarterbacks. However, Jacksonville did sign an undrafted free agent quarterback. His nickname is "Sparky", and he might soon be on the active roster.
October 24, 2007

Jaguars Practice Squad

The Jaguars came to terms with eight players to fill out their practice squad, plus a ninth in offensive tackle Sam Gutekunst, who spent the preseason with the team after three seasons in NFL Europa. The 6-6, 320-pound German national qualifies as the Jaguars' International Practice Squad player.
September 2, 2007

Breaking Down the Cuts

As most of you already know, the Jaguars cut their roster from 86 players down to the maximum 75 earlier this morning. The loss of one's employment is usually a very traumatic situation, and it is certainly one of the really tough things that goes along with professional sports.
August 27, 2007

Two's Company, Three's A Crowd

At this point in the preseason, no one knows for sure what the correct answer to the question of who the Jaguars third string quarterback will be, Quinn Gray, Tim Couch, or Lester Ricard.
August 14, 2007