A very different DL discussion after Week 1

CORVALLIS – You can't help but think things have changed, that all was not as it appeared on the OSU defensive line during fall camp. Oregon State's victory over Wisconsin will be attributed to any number of things by any number of people – tenacity, luck, Wisconsin was overrated, OSU was underrated, the list goes on. Us? We're going to tab the Beaver defensive line.
September 11, 2012

OSU FALL CAMP REPORT: Day 9, Evening Session

CORVALLIS -- The evening session on Day 9 was almost solely dedicated to the first and second teams running two-minute drills. And in that arena, one Beaver wide receiver stood out most. Meanwhile, a couple o-linemen were plowing the road.
August 16, 2012

DAY 8: The big report

CORVALLIS – Tuesday's practice offered solid looks at some of the younger players hoping to secure a role, but it also showed the injury bug that has infiltrated the ranks wasn't done yet. While OT Garrett Weinreich's condition is still up in the air, a major Beaver playmaker looked to dislocate a finger as his work for the day was ending. A ton of news and notes in today's BF.C practice report.
August 14, 2012

BF.C Fall Camp Preview: DEFENSIVE LINE

SOMETIMES YOU HAVE to really look at the bright side when looking at fall camp position preview, nobody likes to envision a season of doom and gloom. That is not the case for the 2012 Oregon State defensive line. You can call it like it is. If 2011 was a season of promise unfulfilled for the Oregon State defensive line, then 2012 is setting up to be a season of redemption.
August 6, 2012


THE BEAVER D-LINE has some star power with a pair of d-ends who could be as good as anybody in the Pac-12. And the Beavs had a good spring on the defensive line. So how much of that was because the Beavs had few bodies to go around on the offensive line?
May 17, 2012

PHOTO ESSAY: Spring Ball with the Beavs

CORVALLIS -- If you're stuck in an office building or at home, and you can't make it out to Oregon State to take in a spring practice or two, we'll bring it to you. Here are 25 more photos, up close and personal, from the BF.C lens...
April 19, 2012

Beavs lose ground war, then game

OREGON STATE could not control Cal's ground game as Isi Sofele rushed for a career-high 190 yards and one touchdown. OSU had their chances -- Sean Mannion passed for 247 yards for Oregon State (2-8, 2-5), but the Beavs turned the ball over twice inside the 5-yard line.
November 12, 2011

Inside Slant: Oregon State vs. Arizona

IT'S BEEN ONE thing to talk about playing better, which Oregon State has shown. It's another to improve the results, which so far have been four defeats in as many games for the Beavers. "We've been at it for a bit," OSU coach Mike Riley said. "It would sure be great for this team to win a game." Enter Arizona, the opponent this week for the Beavers, with the game at Reser Stadium.
October 5, 2011