History Repeating Itself?

One of our posters has been watching the <b>Wildcats'</b> progress this year and talking with his friends about how much this team resembles another <b>NU</b> team that went on to <b>Big 10 Championships</b> and more...
October 2, 2003

QB's, Conditioning, and Sleeping Buckeyes

Looks like our #2 QB may get some more reps, just as Chris predicted last August<br><br> Plus: is it conditioning? or are the mean old coaches working the kids too hard...<br><br> And we didn't catch the Buckeyes sleeping...[Nuts]
October 1, 2003

Chris Pool: In the Chatroom

A select group of Wildcat fans were in the Purple Chat room last night, visiting with theInsiders.com Midwest Recruiting Guru <b>Chris Pool</b><br><br> Here's what we talked about...
August 5, 2003

Move'n the Ball - Purple Preview - Part 9

<b>Positives, Possible Negatives</b> and the <b>Unknowns</b><br><br> Here's our final section looking at the <b>Northwestern Offense</b> for the coming 2003 season.<br><br> We touch on Running Backs, Quarterbacks, Linemen, and maybe some roles for the Frosh. Its all right here...
July 17, 2003

Purple Reign Preview - Moving the Ball - Part 8

Last year we thought <b>Northwestern</b> had a <b>Quarterback Controversy</b>. <br><br> This year, we just might have more to discuss as <b>NU</b> starts the season with a solid #1 and #2, but who is #3? - here's our evaluation...
July 9, 2003

Northwestern Spring Practice 4: Offense II

After the final scrimmage, the NU Coaches always talk with the media about the Spring Practices, changes that were made, what the team accomplished and who stepped up.<br><br> Here's Part IV: Offense Part 2
May 6, 2003