SjT-View From the Stands: KU vs NU

In the wacky world of college football, it all makes sense-Gain fewer yards, Score fewer points, Win your first game after two close losses. <p>Most fans came to Ryan Field on a picture-perfect early autumn Saturday expecting another game with lots of offense and a close finish for <b>NU's Cardiac Cats</b> vs Kansas. They got that in the fourth quarter - for the first three, NU was killing drives while KU couldn't even get a drive going against an injured but fired up <b>Wildcat</b> defense.
September 19, 2004

The Passion Returns

Saturday afternoon, the <b>Northwestern Wildcats</b> discovered how to win a game as they gave up 14 points in the 4th quarter, then drove 81yards and held on to win.<br> </p> <p>After the game, NU's Coach talked about beating a much improved Kansas team after losing two tough, close games to start the season
September 18, 2004

Truog: Its hard to beat a better team

If you're all doom and gloom after the loss to Michigan, you're not alone, but SjT has a slightly different take on Saturday's game.<br><br> And some real positives to remember as we face the Illini...
November 18, 2003

Checking the Monday 2 Deep

Not a lot of changes on the <b>Wildcat</b> 2 deep this week. The only big change is due to an injury.<br><br> Its also <b>Senior Day</b>, a chance to list all the graduating <b>Wildcats</b> and say thanks for all their hard work.
November 11, 2003

Truog: View from the Stands

We needed a break. <br>We deserved a break. <br>We got a break.<br><br> <b>Truog</b> on the <b>NU</b> win over <b>Penn State</b>
November 9, 2003

The Wildcats beat the Nittany Lions

It took a major effort in the 4th quarter, but the NU Wildcats defeated the JoePa's of Penn State 17 - 7 today in Evanston...<br><br> And the win was in front of a bunch of potential recruits...
November 8, 2003