Aaron Butler Q&A

Arizona coaches have done a fantastic job in recruiting after signing day. They added a number of players after February that addressed specific needs. The last of these players was Pima College's Aaron Butler, a local product who will help add depth to the receiving corps, especially now that Biren Ealy will miss some time
August 8, 2004

From the Arizona Desert to the Blue Tundra

In 2001, Aaron Butler had an offer from Cal, and was getting lots of interest from his hometown Arizona Wildcats. But after 2 years at Pima CC, (1 RS year and 1 playing), Butler has decided to leave the Arizona Desert for the Blue Turf of Bronco Stadium. Without a RS season, he will be thrust into the mix immediately.<br><br>What are his chances of playing right away you ask? Well, if anything does hold him back, it sure won't be size, speed, or potential...<br><br>** Free TAP Trial **
July 22, 2004


Thank you to those of you that submitted questions for the "Ask Dawgman" column. It was an interesting two weeks of "49er-Gate," but I am so glad that it finally went away. Now, on to the letters. Tomorrow will be Dick Baird's first crack at answering his mail, so be sure to write in to Coach B and let him know you're there.
February 22, 2003