Pre-Season Quick Take - Phil Steele

With less than a month to go before fall camp, it's now that point in the year when the pre-season magazines start tumbling out of bookstores and stands, and they all definitely have opinions all their own when it comes to where UW will finish. We'll be breaking down each of the top pre-season mags, starting with the one that claims to be the most accurate over the last decade - Phil Steele.
July 16, 2015

Practice Spotlight - Day Nine

SEATTLE - Day Nine of Spring Football at Washington was a little like the weather - a mixed bag. There was an emphasis on turnovers, but also an emphasis on passing too. It definitely gave the chance for the defense to shine and they did, forcing turnovers, getting stops and just causing problems for the offense in general.
April 18, 2012

DawgmanTV - Day Six

SEATTLE - For Friday's version of DawgmanTV, we focused on the cornerbacks, linebackers, and also spoke with both new offensive and defensive coordinators - Eric Kiesau and Justin Wilcox - as well as the elder statesman of the Washington coaching staff - OL Coach Dan Cozzetto, who spoke about the recent loss of guard Colin Porter to degenerative arthritis in his shoulders.
April 13, 2012

Spring Report: Price is a Special Player

SEATTLE - It's been exciting to follow the Huskies this spring and considering they are only in week two and have only completed five practices, it might be a little early to start singing praise for anyone but I'm blown away by the performance of Husky quarterback Keith Price.
April 12, 2012

Practice Spotlight - Day Four

SEATTLE - It was the second week of Spring Football for Washington, and Monday's practice was their first with full pads. Whether they set their alarms late or forgot to set them at all, the Huskies came out a little sluggish, not showing the energy or enthusiasm of earlier practices.
April 9, 2012

Sarkisian Talks About First Day in Pads

SEATTLE - The sun was out, the Washington Huskies were in seemingly good spirits, and it was their first day in pads for Spring Football. So what didn't click? Steve Sarkisian said he wasn't that thrilled with the offense, and whether or not they want to admit it, there is a change when the pads come on. Maybe guys were a little too amped up?
April 9, 2012

DawgmanRadio - Spring Football

SEATTLE - Kim Grinolds and Chris Fetters of talked Friday after Washington's third practice of Spring Football, and in this episode of Dawgman Radio they talk about the first three days of spring - who has stood out, who has yet to make an impact, and what fans should be looking out for as spring progresses.
April 6, 2012

Practice Spotlight - Day One

SEATTLE - The sun looked down on the Washington football team Monday as over 70 players took part in the Huskies' first practice of Spring Football. It was an early-morning practice, as now all spring practices on the east field will start at 8 a.m. Here's a quick look at those that impressed, what was said, as well as other important news and notes.
April 2, 2012