Which one will it be?

Alabama won the game, but even after Saturday's 17-3 victory over Southern Miss questions about the Tide quarterback position remain. Tide Head Coach Mike Shula said Sunday that he hoped starter Brodie Croyle would be ready. <br><br>"We're optimistic, but we don't know," Shula said.
October 13, 2003

Grading the Southern Miss game

There will be arguments and discussions about whether or not Bama could have beaten anybody else on our schedule Saturday. We will never know. But what we do know is that the Tide staff was able to put together a game plan good enough to beat Southern Miss. <br><br>Which is encouraging for the future.
October 13, 2003

Bama runs over USM at homecoming

With a third-string quarterback on the field making his first collegiate start, Alabama ran the football 50 out of 57 offensive plays, manhandling an otherwise game Southern Miss squad.
October 12, 2003