Additional Year Request Denied

Alabama basketball Coach Mark Gottfried and Chuck Davis received disappointing, if not surprising news this morning. Gottfried and UA applied for a fifth year of eligibility for Chuck Davis, who was hurt in the opening league game last year.
July 17, 2006

The Loss Of Davis

Now is the time when one begins to hear that "Sometimes when a team loses its star player, the team gets better." There are no doubt a few–very few–examples of that. But Alabama basketball is not one of them.
January 15, 2006

MRI Confirms Davis' Fears

The news was predictably dour for Chuck Davis and the Alabama basketball team as an MRI on Monday confirmed two torn ligaments in Davis' right knee, meaning the end of the Selma senior's season.
January 9, 2006

Bama Loses Davis and SEC Opener

Not only did the Alabama basketball team lose its Southeastern Conference opener, 71-61 to Mississippi Saturday night at Coleman Coliseum, the Crimson Tide in all likelihood lost its leading scorer, senior big man Chuck Davis, who went down with a knee injury in the first half of the game.
January 7, 2006

Good Day

It was supposed to be all about Chuck Davis, and to great extent it was. Alabama's senior forward had a day in which he admitted he had "no complaints." After receiving his degree in morning graduation ceremonies, Davis returned to Coleman Coliseum Saturday night and led the Crimson Tide basketball team to an 85-58 win over Georgia State.
December 17, 2005

Credit Where Credit is Due

Let us not allow this moment to pass without comment. We should hold it up for all to see, and maybe, just maybe, it will serve as an example to those who come after.
December 16, 2005

Alabama, Kentucky The SEC Choices

The Southeastern Conference lost a lot of underclassmen to the NBA Draft last June . . . most of which were blanked on draft night. But the conference will still be plenty strong across the board, with Alabama and Kentucky looking like the best in the SEC's respective divisions.
November 8, 2005

November Will Provide Many Early-Season Clues

We're some six months away from the 2006 Final Four. But we'll see enough college basketball action, via some very enticing matchups, in November to give us a pretty good notion of who we could be watching on the final weekend of the season in Indianapolis next April.
September 27, 2005