Random Thoughts: After Basketball, Etc...IMHO

Coach Roy is all over the Wildcat Athletic Map today, as all those "random" thoughts at the end of Winter perculate to the top of his consciousness. [did we really say that?]
March 22, 2007

One that Got Away NU 57-MSU 62

In the end, its almost doesn't matter that Tim Doyle's 6 assists set a new season record, or that Craig Moore appeared to break out of his 3 point shooting slump, or that frosh Kevin Coble led the Northwestern Wildcats in both scoring and rebounding this season, in the end the Cats turned the ball over after a tremendous stop, and lost to MSU in the first round of the Big 10 Tournament...
March 9, 2007

33%, 22% NU 50 - Purdue 73

Poor Shooting [the percentages were NU's FG and 3 Point numbers], especially 4 or 5 missed layups doomed the Northwestern Wildcats as Purdue shot 50% from the arc and 60% from the floor to overcome 17 turnovers and 10 NU steals. The loss drops the Cats to the 11th seed in the Big 10 Tournament...
March 3, 2007

POD: One Fans's State of the Program Post

Is it too early for this? I'm done with the team for this season - the NIT is probably out of reach now and all our chances for home upsets squandered. So where does this season, the down season we all expected, leave us?
March 1, 2007

Random Thoughts: On the Seniors

Wednesday is Senior Night for the Northwestern Wildcats. Coach Roy has a few reflections on NU's Senior Courtcats - who could be playing their last home game Wednesday night against Indiana
February 27, 2007

Tucker, Badgers Pull it Out NU 50 UW 56

Northwestern's Jeff Ryan started the game and led the Cats in scoring with 18, but #4 Wisconsin's Alando Tucker came on at the end to help the Badgers beat the Northwestern Wildcats 56-50
January 13, 2007

Bring on the Lions - NU 85 NSU 59

Chalk up win number 10 for the Northwestern Wildcats as Kevin Coble's 9 of 10 shooting from the floor led NU's scoring over the visiting Demons from Louisiana State 85-59. Tim Doyle registered 9 assists, Vince Scott had 7 assists, Joe Okrzecik and Craig Moore also scored in double figures.
December 31, 2006

What a difference! - NU 77 Utah 44

You knew this Northwestern Wildcat game was going to be something special early on when Kevin Coble stepped up at the beginning and started making baskets. When it was over, the Cats easily won their 2nd game in Puerto Rico, and maybe found their offensive style as they easily rolled over Utah's big men...
December 21, 2006