NCAA Hoops Blog - Bobby Jones

Prior to the Huskies' second-round game against New Mexico, I sent some of the players Facebook messages. They were just words of encouragement; just letting them know if they win their next game, then the "real" fun begins. I say that because making the NCAA tournament is always a great achievement, rewarding a team that has worked hard all season.
March 22, 2010

Dawg Blog - Hoops Media Day

We decided to run a quick blog on UW Men's hoops media day. So here's Lorenzo Romar's notes, as well as notes from the various players in attendence, and notes that we're hearing about as basketball gets going for another season.
October 15, 2008

Romar like a 'proud poppa'

Ideally, Lorenzo Romar would love to be in the green room at Draft Central - Madison Square Garden in New York City. That's where all the 2006 NBA Draft hubub is taking place. Instead he's in San Antonio, Texas, taking care of responsibilities he signed on for when he was picked to be the head coach for the USA Under-18 national team.
June 30, 2006

Jones checks the signs

Bobby Jones has always been familiar with Bobby Jones. The other Bobby Jones. You know, the former Denver Nugget and Philadelphia 76'er that was all-league around the same time as the greats - like Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But don't forget the other Bobby Jones - the golfer...or the televangelist. The former UW basketball great knows them all, and more.
June 28, 2006

Deams come true for Jones

Former Washington forward Bobby Jones was taken No. 37 in the second round of the NBA Basketball Draft Wednesday night in New York City by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Jones' selection follows that of former hoop dawg Brandon Roy, who went No 6. to Minnesota, but was later traded to Portland.
June 28, 2006

Roy tops 2006 NBA Draft Rankings

According to Draft Analyst Frank Burlison, Brandon Roy is the No. 1 NBA Draft prospect for the class of 2006. But does Frank think the former Washington great will be the No. 1 player drafted? The best overall player just might not be the best fit for the Toronto Raptors when it's all said and done.
June 15, 2006

Jones hopeful as Draft Day approaches

He tries to stay away from the newspapers, going online, or watching the draft shows on telelvision. Bobby Jones has his hopes up high enough already without the rumor mill bringing them crashing to a halt like an Otis George screen. For the recently graduated Husky, life is now about going back to square one.
June 11, 2006