Rodgers at the center of another controversy

An academic controversy has erupted in the Classics Department and an Arizona player seems to be at the center of it. After the smoke cleared, the head of the department resigned his post and the player's academic standing is in doubt.
April 11, 2006

Looking Ahead: Replacing the seniors

The 2005-06 season came to an end on Sunday and already Wildcat fans are looking ahead to next season. The thought around Tucson is that the Wildcats could be very good and of a few things develop the right way, those thoughts could be accurate. The Wildcats will have to replace some key players, but will it be that tough?
March 20, 2006

Rodgers glad to be back

No story dominated the minds of Wildcat fans last week than the return of Chris Rodgers. Forget the upcoming road trip, forget the NCAA Tournament bubble. No, the topic of conversation was Chris Rodgers.
February 24, 2006

Inside The Numbers: Should Rodgers Return?

The big debate around the UA is the return of Chris Rodgers. Fans seem torn on whether bringing him back. While you can't factor in the chemistry issues, you can look at the numbers. In this case, the numbers may be surprising.
February 14, 2006

Rodgers returns to practice

Arizona Coach Lute Olson left the door open for the return of Chris Rodgers when he dismissed the player from the team three weeks ago. Rodgers has apparently taken care of business as Olson announced that Rodgers would practice with the team on Monday.
February 13, 2006

The Chris Rodgers' E-mail

On Saturday Chris Rodgers finally spoke out. After being dismissed from the Wildcat basketball team earlier in the week, the senior responded with an e-mail that he sent to most of the media outlets in Southern Arizona. Here is that e-mail, in Chris' own words.
January 21, 2006