2003 Football: A New Beginning for the Ducks.

In 2001, Oregon football was on top of the world as far as Duck fans were concerned. Oregon finished their best season ever with a win over Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl and a No. 2 national ranking. Everywhere one looked there was talk that the Ducks had finally reached the status of a football power. Heading into last season, hopes soared as the Ducks were on the receiving end of national respect. At one point in September, Oregon found itself ranked No. 9 nationally. Then the bottom fell out.
August 26, 2003

The Quiet Affirmation

Media Day held Tuesday for the University of Oregon football program was noticeably different this year from those in the past. And, I'm not talking about the new venue – the plush Stadium Club facility in Autzen Stadium instead of the Pittman Room in the Casanova Center.
August 6, 2003

Is your cup half empty or half full?

Part of what makes college football so interesting year in and year out is the never-ending cycle of players through a program. Occasionally a team will be lucky enough to retain all of their key players from one year to the next, and usually that turns out to be a peak year for the program. More common is the eternal pattern of approximate 20 per cent loss and replacement.
May 26, 2003

The Ducks win of course!

The Oregon Ducks conducted their annual spring football scrimmage on Saturday, May 03, 2003 at Autzen Stadium in front of 9,000 fans as the defense clad in green played the offense dressed in white. The Ducks used a scrimmage points system that gave points to both the offense and defense for certain plays as well as conventional scoring. Two players stood out for the Ducks -- sophomore quarterback Kellen Clemens and senior wide receiver Samie Parker.
May 3, 2003