Seacat Leading Scorer: PSU 68 NU 55

Not to down play Evan's play - his career at NU was disrupted by Penn State - but for Seacat to be the leading scorer, well....
February 25, 2006

The Welsh-Ryan Jinx Continues for Iowa

Vedran Vukusic stepped up his shooting and rebounding to lead Northwestern Wildcats over the Big 10 lead Iowa Hawkeyes in Evanston Wednesday night. The Cats shut down Iowa's long range game, and as you can see above, tied up their leading scorer, Greg Brunner...
February 9, 2006

POD: What ever Happened to Seacat?

But not so, writes one of our board regulars GoCatsGo. Evan Seacat was alive and contributing to some of the Wilcat's success last season.
June 16, 2005

POD - Where do we Go - #5

Our resident <b>Mohamed Hachad</b> booster chimes in on turning Mo Loose, Evan Seacat and recruiting in the Big 10.<br>
April 21, 2005

A Little Better Today: NU 56 UTPA 48

The <b>Northwestern Wildcats</b> improved to 7-5 (6-1 at home) as they finished the preconference season with a fairly easy win over the <b>University of Texas - Pan American</b>.<br> <br> Not that it was 40 minutes of roundball domination at Welsh Ryan Friday afternoon, but the Cats did hold down the turnovers, and saw a great individual effort from junior forward <b>Tim Doyle</b> [Pictured]...<br>
December 31, 2004