Delgado Getting It Back

LYNCHBURG, VA - Dimasther Delgado sits on the couch in the Lynchburg Hillcats locker room, earphones in place and workout done for the day. It's not the left-hander's day to start, but in a few hours he will join a few other Hillcats pitchers in charting the performances of those who will pitch later on.
July 30, 2012

VIDEO: Dimaster Delgado

The Braves were confident Dimaster Delgado was going to be a good prospect. But then, he was involved in a nasty wreck where his leg and wrist were injured. Now, he's back, and here's a look at Delgado on the mound.
March 30, 2011

DiMaster Delgado probably out for the season

The Braves may have lost one of their pitching prospects for the season.
February 19, 2010