Props For Ferentz But Questions For Bluder

Chuck Hartlieb's grandmother won't need to play quarterback for Iowa's football team next fall, but Outland Trophy and Lombardi Award candidate Robert Gallery and others will open some holes for the Hawkeyes. Meanwhile, questions abound for where the women's program is going under Lisa Bluder.
March 31, 2003 Inside Look Into Position Switches

Stars are born everyday, and sometimes stars are formed from change. That has taken place in the past with such Hawkeyes as Eric Steinbach, Dallas Clark, and Robert Gallery. goes inside to inform Hawk fans on the rumblings we've heard around Iowa City the past few weeks as to where new stars may be born this spring. This is a can't miss for any true Hawkeye football fanatic!
February 3, 2003

The Shadow Knows Non-Conference Football

My cell phone rang as I was leaving the gym on Wednesday. Caller ID quickly identified that it was my Dark Friend. "I'm calling from outside the Iowa football practice facility and I would like to meet with you ASAP", he said. "I have some news and views that I would like to share with the readers of Football and recruiting will be the topics. Meet me at the Wig", he added. So, I rushed home to get my Visa card and headed to Dick Querry's establishment for a night of news and booze.
September 12, 2002