SjT: NU 17 Michigan 33

As the lights went on at Ryan Field Saturday night, the crowd was ready. The students were in a frenzy. The weather was perfect for an autumn clash between ranked teams. The sky-cam of ESPN prime time national football was whizzing by overhead. And everything was in place for the Northwestern Wildcats to make a statement. Just one thing was missing. The offense
October 30, 2005

What Happened to the Long Ball?

Critics of the Northwestern Spread Offense have always complained that this particular offense can sometimes score too quickly, but this Fall, the long pass seems to have disappeared from the Wildcat's playbook. Purple Reign asked Coach Walker about throwing long during Tuesday's Big 10 Teleconference...
September 27, 2005

Random Thoughts: While Getting Ready for Practice

Once again, Coach Roy has donned the Red of the Cardinals as an assistant coach of his local Parks and Rec team. And looking around the web, and reflecting on some events at NU lately, daCoach has a couple of those "random thoughts."...
September 15, 2005