Countdown to Camp: #99 Ahmad Childress

Undrafted defensive tackle Ahmad Childress has the size and athleticism that any NFL head coach would covet. But why did he slide completely out of April's NFL draft and into the hands of the Detroit Lions? We take a deeper look at the former Alabama standout.
June 14, 2004

Another Tide defender on the move

Make that three in two weeks as Alabama juniors are leaving Tuscaloosa at an alarming rate. The latest is defensive tackle Ahmad Childress, who earlier made an inquiry to the NFL Advisory Committee about his draft status.  
December 19, 2003

Maybe yes, maybe no

The rumors are swirling. Antwan Odom is gone, having already signed with an agent and started his pre-NFL combine workouts. And if the gossip mill is to be believed, half Bama's returning junior linemen aren't far behind.
December 10, 2003

'Just keep playing hard'

With all the injuries and inopportune penalties that have plagued the Tide this season, it's tempting to think that Alabama is snake-bit. But defensive tackle Ahmad Childress is having none of it. <br><br>"It makes you think that sometimes; the ball just bounces the wrong way," he acknowledged. "But we know if we keep playing hard that it will turn around."
November 13, 2003