McLain Making Progress

Tide fans are longing to return to the "Moose"calls that went out through Bryant-Denny Stadium when Greg McLain had a rare rush in 2002. McLain was lauded for his blocking ability as one of the keys to Bama?s SEC-second-best 213 rushing yards per game, starting six games as one of only two true freshmen to play that year (the other was DeMeco Ryans).
June 22, 2004

Spring Outlook: Plenty of chances at tight end

It's not the same high-profile position that quarterback is, so frankly few fans have taken notice. But Bama's tight ends will also be limited this spring due to injuries to key players.
February 17, 2004

'In between' player ready to step up

A bit of smart planning last August means the Tide equipment managers have saved themselves some time this week. When it came time to assign lockers, they placed Greg McLain in just the right spot.
November 10, 2003

Offensive skill players set

There's no question that things will change from week to week, but yesterday the Tide coaches released their post-camp depth chart. <br><br>We take a look at the key contributors among skill players on the offensive side.
August 26, 2003

Tide Will Rehearse Friday

Alabama's football team will have something of a rehearsal Friday as Coach Mike Shula takes the Crimson Tide to Bryant-Denny Stadium for a mock game. It is not a game or even a scrimmage. Instead it is a partly instruction on game-day aspects (where the players will go for pre-game warm-ups, sidelines organization for players and coaches, etc., and partly practice of special situations, such as the punt after a safety and some other special situations, many of them relative to the kicking game.
August 21, 2003