2017 TigsTools: Best Outfield Arm

Outfield arm strength may not be a carrying tool, but it can certainly add to a prospect’s overall value. There are different requirements for each of the three outfield spots, but the best outfield arms can throw with velocity, carry, and accuracy. The Tigers have some impressive outfield throwers in their system, led by a young man whose arm strength became a real weapon last year. Head inside to see who they are!
March 20, 2017

2017 TigsTown Top 50 Scouting Reports #40-36

The next five up, and the back half of those prospects ranked in the 30's highlight a trio of unconventional relief prospects, each for their own reasons, along with a pair of outfield prospects at different stages of their development.
March 13, 2017

2017 TigsTools: Best Outfield Defense

Outfield defense is more important than ever now that hitters are increasingly adapting to a fly ball philosophy. And with Comerica Park’s deep centerfield and cavernous gaps, having reliable defenders with range is critical for the Tigers. The major league club is still trying to find an answer in center field, but there are prospects in the minors with the glove to take over in the not-too-distant future.
March 13, 2017

2017 TigsTools: Best Power Hitter

There are dozens of ways baseball players can contribute on the field, but few things draw the eye like a ball soaring over the outfield fence. Raw power is one of the easiest things to spot: just look for the guys hitting moonshots during batting practice. But usable in-game power is a different animal, and it’s rare to see players realize their full power potential. The Tigers have a solid crop of power-hitting prospects heading into 2017, led by one of last year’s most prolific sluggers.
February 15, 2017

2017 TigsTown Top 50: 40-31

TigsTown continues its countdown of the top 50 prospects in the organization for 2017 with a look at those prospects ranked in the 30's, featuring a number of arms in various stages of development, including a pair of arms that have come back strong from injuries.
December 9, 2016

Prospects That Could Debut in 2016

As we have seen in the past, hardly any team can survive an entire season without injuries to some of their players. When a Tigers player goes down this season they will likely have to dip into their farm system for replacements. The Tigers farm system is still incredibly weak in terms of talent, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t guys in the top levels of the minors that are waiting for the chance to prove themselves at the Major League Level. Here are some Tigers Prospects, in no particular or
March 27, 2016

Spring MLN: Opportunity Presents Itself

On Monday on the back fields, the Tigers Double-A and Triple-A clubs were in action. But as roughly 20 players that would otherwise be with the clubs still remain in big league camp, many of the players on the diamond were those that might not be in the role for that team when camp breaks. That presents opportunity, and there were a number of intriguing performances worth noting, including under-the-radar prospects like Connor Harrell and Harold Castro.
March 23, 2016

2016 TigsTools: Best Outfield Arm

Raw arm strength may not be as important to outfield defense as range and instincts, but few things in baseball are as exciting as an outfielder uncorking a laser and nailing a runner trying to score. The best outfield arms can throw with velocity, carry, and accuracy, and while there isn’t a Cespedes-level arm lurking in the Tigers’ system, there are a handful of players who make runners think twice before heading home. Head inside to see who they are!
March 2, 2016