Mullen Getting Last Laugh

Just over four years ago, Mississippi State head football coach Dan Mullen stood before the media to talk about his team's signing class. The Bulldogs' 22 man recruiting haul was ranked 45th nationally and only ahead of Vanderbilt in the SEC rankings. Some began to suggest that Mullen was soft on recruiting and one newspaper scribe hinted that signing day was essentially a disaster.
May 4, 2015

1A/1B Dog Defense Suits Safety Deontay Evans

It all sounds great to coaches and fans, this 1A and 1B defenses approach. One group still needed some spring convincing: those Bulldogs on the B-team. “Yeah, it was hard to believe, you know,” Deontay Evans admits. “The mindset after the bowl game, it was kind of hard to believe.”
October 22, 2014

Collins Cribbing For Kentucky Matchup

Coach Geoff Collins knows his plans for the last free Saturday of football season. “I’ll be at the crib with my wife.” Fortunately, Mrs. Bulldog Defensive Coordinator will understand if his attention gets drawn to the notebook and preliminary plans for Kentucky.
October 15, 2014

Coach Dan Mullen Monday Press Conference

Dan Mullen did address the business of the week. But at the same time Mississippi State’s football coach attended to the story of this day, and the passing of Jack Cristil. The legendary Voice of the Bulldogs, honored around conference and country, signed-off late Sunday evening. “That’s a Bulldog forever,” Mullen said.
September 8, 2014

Bulldog Football Practice Notebook

Thursday's injury list grew by one. Reserve MLB Christian Holmes was sidelined with his left arm in a sling, a result of Tuesday's hard-hitting session. He had the same sort of sling, on the same side, as OC Dillon Day. The first-team center landed on the left elbow a week ago and missed the second scrimmage as well as this week's two practices.
April 10, 2014

Hughes Staying Busy As Spring Camp 'Coach'

He knows it is for his and the team's best. This doesn't make all the hours watching teammates practice any less frustrating for Jay Hughes. Or, interesting. "I am reeeeeal bored," Hughes said. "I was telling Deontay Evans man, I ain't got nothing to do out here!"
April 4, 2014

Safety Squad Developing Spring Versatility

He could have approached this spring as a ‘plug and play' proposition. Certainly Coach Tony Hughes has the depth of game-tested personnel to simply promote folk up the safety position depth charts. But that would be boring.
April 2, 2014

Liberty Bowl: Redmond, Cox and Antoine

The Bulldogs have arrived in Memphis to prepare for the Liberty Bowl against Conference-USA champion Rice. Genespage gets some time to chat with Bulldog DBs Will Redmond, Justin Cox and Quadry Antoine about how they feel about each other and the bond the members in the secondary have.
December 26, 2013