Card Survive Rice Cooker

At the tail end of a fat and lazy Thanksgiving holiday weekend, you may have overlooked a key contest Sunday when your Stanford Cardinal visited a game Rice team. The game was untelevised, which kept almost all Cardinalmaniacs in the dark as to just what we learned from a tight 60-56 win. Fortunately for you, we have the most detailed recap and recount imaginable. Read on for the play-by-play scoring, as well as a detailed analysis of Card strengths and weaknesses.
December 1, 2003

Updates on the Jai Miller Story

Our last report told you that a key meeting between Jai Miller and the Florida Marlins was being held on Sunday. Here are the results from those talks and what next steps can be taken as Miller and Stanford hope to regain his ability to play college sports on The Farm.
June 10, 2003

Baseball Signing Saga Not Over?

Just a few days ago we brought you the definitive story on Jai Miller and his rapid rise up the prep baseball ranks, culminating in his 4th round selection by the Florida Marlins Tuesday. He was quickly signed and locked up, and we thought that was the end of the story. Turns out things are warming up again in Selma, Alabama, with a surprise turn of events.
June 8, 2003

The Surprise Story of Jai Miller

Stanford fans are still reeling from the loss of two-sport signee Jai Miller this week to the Major League Baseball draft. He was all set to star in both football and basketball on The Farm, but in a matter of hours Tuesday was drafted and then signed by the Florida Marlins. Here is the complete story on how this played out, and what the future holds for both Miller and Stanford.
June 5, 2003

Magazine Reprint: Recruiting Flashback

One of the burning questions about this most recently signed football recruiting class was how it historically stacks up? One logical comparison pits it versus the 1996 class, which was the first full recruiting class signed by Stanford's last head coach. Check out this March magazine feature as a sample of what we produce every month. Enjoy this freebie and <a href="">Subscribe Today</a>!
June 4, 2003

Stanford Eyes Another Alabama Gem

Stanford had a long drought of recruiting the state of Alabama from the mid-90's until this past February, when wide receiver Jai Miller jumped on board. Is it too much to ask for the Cardinal coaches to strike gold for a second straight year in the Yellowhammer State? Madison defensive tackle David Brown will be tough to wrest away from the in-state powers, but is well worth the fight.
May 21, 2003

Spring Game Report

It is a theme we have seen throughout the spring, but the defense once again held court Saturday as they kept the offense in check at the Spring Game. The offense struggled early as the front five adjusted to their new setting, but things clicked as the day progressed. And as promised, the depth chart has now been mapped out for the QBs...
April 27, 2003