Bulls Verdejo" We need to get wins now!"

The Bulls basketball team is playing their first road game tonight against Virginia and want to keep their winning streak alive. USF senior Guard Jesus Verdejo led the team in scoring last week and wants to keep the momentum going. In this exclusive interview find out what what the young guys need to expect on the road, and why getting wins early is so important. Only on USFNation.com
November 19, 2008

Bulls Verdejo Excited for New Season

The Bulls basketball team had the first exhibition of the season this week, and Guard Jesus Verdejo is eager to get back on the hardwood for the regular season. In this exclusive interview find out what he's done to get better & why he thinks the Bulls are headed in the right direction for success. Only on USFNation.com
November 6, 2008

Bulls React To Heath Hiring: Jesus Verdejo

USF took a step in the right direction to restore respect and pride back into their basketball program. The hiring of head coach Stan Heath ushers in a sense of excitement amongst the local media and fans alike regarding the future. However, the ones who may be the most excited, and affected are the players. In Todays feature USFN talked with guard Jesus Verdejo and got his thoughts.
April 9, 2007

Wildcat wing expected to transfer

Wildcat fans have come to expect players to transfer. Since Lute Olson is never one to hand over playing time on a silver platter, players have jumped ship for what they perceive to be greener pastures. With a glut of wings in the program and a few more on the way, it only seemed natural that one was leaving. Now apparently one has.
December 9, 2005

Arizona Guard Transferring to Miami

Arizona shooting guard, Jesus Verdejo, who starred at Miami Christian in 2002 and 2003 averaging over 24 points a game, has decided to transfer to the University of Miami effective December 14 according to his former high school coach Art "Pilin" Alvarez.
December 9, 2005

Could a player be redshirting?

The Wildcats have a ton of win players on the roster. Many wondered if a player might redshirt. While nothing is definite, at least one Wildcat may indeed set the season out.
November 8, 2005

2005-06 Wing Preview

The Cats are loaded at the wing. Not only is the deepest spot on the team, few teams in the nation may have as much overall talent at the two and the three. Even with all of the talent, there are still questions due to injury and academics. At this point two of the most talented players are question marks for the first game.
October 6, 2005