Cheap Shot or Physical Play?

When the Boston Celtics won their recent NBA Championship 8 years ago, everyone remembers "The Big Three" of Garnett, Pierce and Allen. Many also recall the young point guard Rajon Rondo's suffocating defense and ball distribution. But most casual fans have a hard time coming up with the 5th starter. But without Kendrick Perkins' toughness and intimidation, there's no way the Celtics could have beaten the powerful Lakers...and that is exactly what Perk is trying to instill in the Pelicans.
March 19, 2016

Pelicans-Wizards Pregame Breakdown

Both the New Orleans Pelicans & Washington Wizards have underachieved this season, but both are anxious to get their ships righted. Unfortunately, both teams are dealing with injuries & past history. Here is my in-depth pregame report from the Smoothie King Center!
December 11, 2015


Professional sports fans are a fickle bunch. When things start to go south for the 'home team', many of us feel the sky is falling and the world will certainly end tomorrow. But for the 0-3 New Orleans Pelicans, a loss to the Orlando Magic tonight would indeed be a tragedy for most hoop fans in the Crescent City. The good news is that the Pels opponent tonight doesn't have 'Golden State' on the front of their jerseys, or 'Curry' on the back. Here's the Pels-Magic preview for tonight's game.
November 3, 2015

CJ's Corner: Draft Aftermath

If you are a basketball fan, you were glued to the tube last night taking in all the happenings with the NBA Draft. Cardinalmaniacs paid particular attention to point guard drafts and how that might relate to Julius Barnes, as well as what the Lakers might do at the power forward (see: Mark Madsen). For Stanford fans and NBA junkies alike, here is the definitive take on last night's hysteria.
June 27, 2003

Top 25 Hoop Classes

There's no doubt that the NBA was able to put together the best recruiting class in the nation this year as David Stern's boys pillaged the high school ranks for five of our best players. However, when the smoke cleared in the college ranks, it was Florida State standing out as the big winner.
June 26, 2003

NBA Draft: Best players I've ACTUALLY seen

I've always loved the draft, but with the recent influx of players from overseas, I have been left somewhat in the dark. I used to love it, because I knew all the players. I wanted to do a mock draft, but I don't know enough about the foreign players to properly slot them. Instead, I decided to do a list of the best players in the draft that I have actually seen play.
June 25, 2003

Kendrick Perkins will remain in the Draft

Kendrick Perkins of Beamount (TX) Ozen will stay in the NBA Draft and bypass college. He signed with Memphis in the early signing period.
June 19, 2003

Class of 2003 Final Player Rankings

Luol Deng would have been the top player in the country if it weren't for a guy named LeBron. Here's our final Top 100 from the Class of 2003.
May 28, 2003