Timberwolves Summer League Top Rebounders

Minnesota Timberwolves Summer League Top Rebounders
July 16, 2005

Ebi Shines in the #4 Moment in ANI History

The Academy National Invitational Tournament has some new teams in its fourth season, but there is no denying that this is one of the top high school events in the country. The tournament starts December 28th and will run through December 30th. The following is a look at the number four moment in Academy National Invitational history.
December 22, 2004

Arizona's Chris Dunn transfers to JC

6-7 redshirt sophomore forward Chris Dunn has decided to transfer from Arizona to Cochise (AZ) CC. The move was reportedly academic related. He would be able to resign wuth the Wildcats after receiving his two-year degree. The loss of Dunn leaves Arizona with just eight scholarship players.
August 22, 2003

Summer League Stats

Several Wildcats are playing for NBA Clubs in summer pro leagues. Right now two leagues are in progress, one in Long Beach and another East Coast league in Orlando. In the upcoming weeks, leagues will start up in Boston and Utah. <B>UPDATED: 7/17/03</B>
July 16, 2003

Clues were there for Ebi's decision

I was watching the NBA Draft when Ndudi Ebi was nabbed by the Minnesota Timberwolves. I did not even flinch when they called his name as the 26th pick. I just stared stupidly at the television and said, "huh?"
July 1, 2003

T-Wolves draft is very curious

The more I look at the draft the more curious the Minnesota's selections get. What immediately jumps out at me is the fact that the Timberwolves took two players who spurned Lute Olson's program. After a few hours of reflection my bigger question is, "why did they take them?"
June 27, 2003

Ebi to Minnesota in the first round

Arizona recruit Ndudi Ebi wanted to be a first rounder and that is exactly what he will be. The Minnesota Timberwolves selected Ebi with the 26th pick, ensuring Ebi a three-year guaranteed contract. The move all but ensures that Ebi will not attend Arizona.
June 26, 2003

Top 25 Hoop Classes

There's no doubt that the NBA was able to put together the best recruiting class in the nation this year as David Stern's boys pillaged the high school ranks for five of our best players. However, when the smoke cleared in the college ranks, it was Florida State standing out as the big winner.
June 26, 2003