DE Ryan McBean Favorably Disposed to BYU

With defensive ends <b>John Denney, Shaun Nua</b> and converted linebacker <b>Brady Poppinga</b> graduating after this season, BYU will be in the hunt for a few top quality defensive ends in their next recruiting class.
October 4, 2004

BYU Fans Ready for a "Nasty" BYU OL Again

Playing offensive line for BYU the last few years has not been much fun, but the more I hear about assistant coach <b>Jeff Grimes</b>, the more I like him and his approach.
March 30, 2004

BYU 2004 Success Begins & Ends with Offensive Line

BYU spring football practices begin in five days and inquiring minds mainly want to know three things: How gifted are the wide receivers? Who's starting at quarterback? What the heck is going on with our offensive line? This is my pre-spring preview and answer for question No. 3.
March 9, 2004

Past and Future Look at BYU's Offensive Line

How does the Cougars' 2003 offensive line stack up against its predecessors over the past 10 years? A summary review of sacks surrendered and yards per carry is revealing – even if it doesn't tell the whole story.
January 2, 2004

Flashback: GARY CROWTON - A Man for All Seasons

<b><i>(EDITOR'S NOTE: today begins a new "FLASHBACK" series occasionally featuring some articles written specifically for TOTAL BLUE SPORTS magazine. This was the lead story in the Sept. 2003 issue.)</i></b> <P> <b>Gary Crowton</b> is at once familiar, warm, engaging, the long-lost friend you never knew, like a broken-in pair of comfortable shoes – fits good and feels good.
November 14, 2003

Cougar Offensive Line Growing Through Adversity

BYU's only true freshman offensive line starter has a quirky habit when he pancakes or has a great block on an opposing defender.
September 30, 2003

Crowton Encouraged by Progress of His Offense

BYU head coach Gary Crowton said today he was more encouraged than discouraged after watching and evaluating the Air Force game film four s=times since Saturday night's loss.
September 29, 2003