Chambers will leave Washington

In a bit of a surprise, one half of Washington's hail-mary that catalyzed a win over Arizona this past season, will transfer from the Husky program. Redshirt sophomore Craig Chambers told Saturday that conversations with both Eric Yarber and Tyrone Willingham did not sway his decision, one that had been percolating from the beginning of the season.
December 3, 2005

Players bask in winning glow

While it's certainly debateable whether or not the Washington Huskies caught the Arizona Wildcats napping, there's no questioning what a win has done to the excitement level of Washington football. And that goes double for the players, who were dying a slow death as each week came and passed without a win. Now that the 14-game conference losing streak is toast, they can set their sights on bigger game - namely the Washington State Cougars.
November 13, 2005

OSU 18, UW 10 – What the players thought

Of course, what's on everyone's mind – besides wondering just how Washington can possibly avoid a zero in the conference win ledger for a second straight season – is the state of quarterback situation in the wake of Saturday's Beaver washout. Before entering the room for interviews, the two quarterbacks shared an embrace in a show of camaraderie. Here's what they – and others - had to say ...
November 6, 2005

"I think it's the football gods"

To be in the media room with the players following the loss to Notre Dame on Saturday, was like a scene out of the film Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray; Or "we keep singing this same song", as safety CJ Wallace so aptly put it. For the Dawgs, it was the same downcast eyes, self-recriminations, defeated tones of voice, and the underlying expressed faith that the team is improving, despite the record being a paltry 1-3.
September 25, 2005

Dawgbytes - 9/8

Washington's defense will certainly have their work cut out for them on Saturday. For a team that never sees that type of offense in their own conference, the Huskies were like the mechanic who normally does oil changes being asked if he knows anything about replacing engines. He might know a little, but it's not exactly his line of expertise.
September 8, 2005

No resolution for position battles

Monday was supposed to be the day Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham was supposed to pop to lid off the uncertainty of position battles like a little kid finally finishing off his box of cracker jacks just to get to the surprise. But those looking for answers left Monday's press conference unsatisfied, as Willingham announced that he's still looking hard at two quarterbacks and three placekickers, as well at least four other undecided positions.
August 29, 2005