Post Season Rankings: The Running Backs

Several new players jumped in to the running back rankings as a number of prospects we thought were just solid prospects showed this season that they're much more more than that. There is also more depth at the position than we expected in the pre-season and as a result, we went 25 deep ranking the running backs.
November 21, 2002

Cali. RB has his list of five

A yard producing machine, Dallas Bernstine has had to be to get a look in his state. California is home to some of the toughest leagues and toughest players in the country, in terms of what they can do on the field. Dallas is doing his part though and amidst a quandry of talent, Bernstine has done what he can to set himself apart.
November 14, 2002

RB, looking to shine

Having rushed for over 550 yards in one game during his junior year, Bernstines hype hasn't been solely based on potential. Berstine is a legit speedster with about every move in the book. Bernstine could be one of the rising stars in this year's class of elite running backs, because some of the big boys around the country are starting to take a serious look.
October 3, 2002