Pre-Summer 2004 Rankings: SFs, PFs, Cs

The three frontcourt positions are headed by three elite national prospects, and two from the state of Washington -- <b>Marvin Williams</b>, <b>Josh Heytvelt</b>, and <b>Robert Swift</b>, and there is good depth at each position...
June 18, 2003

Class of 2003 Final Top 100 and Eric Bossi step up with their version of the Internet classic.
June 2, 2003

Class of 2003 Final Player Rankings

Luol Deng would have been the top player in the country if it weren't for a guy named LeBron. Here's our final Top 100 from the Class of 2003.
May 28, 2003

The Steal Of 2003

Who is the best player that you won't find on any top 100 national rankings? Our vote goes to Marcus Slaughter, a 6-8 power forward from Riverside (Calif.) North...
May 12, 2003

Final Rankings 2003: Power Forwards

The 2003 class of power forwards has several high major players at the top of the rankings...
May 6, 2003

Student Sports Boys Basketball All-America Teams

Our picks of the best of the best include special mention for juniors, sophomores and freshmen with a first, second and third team of five players only. Our teams are the last ones chosen each season because we include what happened on the court through the end of the season while most other All-America teams base their selections too much on what happened during the summer camp recruiting season. We also will not honor players from programs that accept fifth-year seniors.
April 18, 2003

Capital Classic All-Stars

The Jordan Capital Classic recently announced the participants for its April game. Guess what? LeBron James will be in the house.
March 10, 2003

Student Sports FAB 50 Boys Basketball Rankings

We thought the deeper rounds of the playoffs would result in a lot of changes this week. Not so. Only two of our teams from last week's FAB 50 lost and have been replaced. Either that was just the calm before the storm or maybe we know what we're doing when we include a team in our national rankings.
March 4, 2003