A first at linebacker this spring at WSU

COUGAR LINEBACKERS COACH Ken Wilson has something for the first time in his five years at Washington State. And he’s smiling ear to ear about it this spring.
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WSU ROSTER: The Continent increases land mass

THE GENERAL RULE of thumb is for football players to gain weight over the winter and into spring ball, before leaning up with the conditioning work that kicks in after spring and throughout the summer. And Cody O’Connell, Derek Moore, Andre Dillard and others are certainly bigger this spring.
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THE COUGAR BLOG: Updated March 20, 11:57 AM

A RUNNING LIST of news, notes, quips and quotes from in and around the Cougar Nation. Updated regularly.
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Backbone of WSU resurgence was 2013 class

WHEN YOU REWIND the clock on previous Cougar recruiting classes under Mike Leach, you can draw a line between the 2013 crop and a WSU football program with 13 conference wins the past two seasons. This class was loaded. Yes, like all classes there was some attrition, but on whole the 2013 class was the backbone of the Washington State resurgence on the gridiron.
February 14, 2017

WSU's Pelluer through eyes of dad/coach Scott

COUGAR MIDDLE LINEBACKER Peyton Pelluer's father, Scott, is a former Pac-10 linebackers coach and he played the 'backer position both at Washington State and in the NFL. But he's also a dad. So out on the football field, does Scott look at his son like a dad would, or like a coach does?
December 23, 2016

Seen & Heard on Planet Coug

IN THE MOUNTAIN OF statistics surrounding the 2016 Cougar football team, here’s one that stands out in the crowd: In a possible 60 player starts along the offensive line, the Cougars started the exact same guys in the exact same spots 59 times.
December 23, 2016

Holiday Bowl is old hat for Peyton Pelluer

PULLMAN – Washington State hasn’t been to the Holiday Bowl since 2003, but for standout middle linebacker Peyton Pelluer it’ll be trip No. 3 – his first, however, while clad in the proper colors.
December 16, 2016

CFC TV: LB says Grinch would kill it as a HC

PULLMAN - Washington State middle linebacker Peyton Pelluer and running back Jamal Morrow were asked about the possibility of Minnesota players boycotting the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 27 (4pm, ESPN). And they both agree on which unit is more than ready to play if kickoff was scheduled for tomorrow. Peuller also was asked what the future might hold for Alex Grinch and remained laser focused during the interview, even with an assistant coach dropping in for a photo bomb.
December 15, 2016