Big plays mark WSU’s second spring scrimmage

PULLMAN -- The Cougs have now had two scrimmages this spring -- and the two could not have been any more different from one another. While there were some long drives put together by the offense, and some solid third and fourth down stops by the defense, it was the big plays by both sides of the ball that characterized Saturday’s scrimmage.
April 16, 2016

Day 7: Leach, Falk shake up WSU offense

PULLMAN -- The members of the Cougar secondary really showed how good they can be as they got the better of the Cougar receiving corps for the majority of spring's Day 7. The Cougs' passing attack is one of the best in the nation and they still found a way to make some plays, but the talent and depth of the secondary really showed up big in the Cougs’ final practice before Saturday’s scrimmage.
April 7, 2016

WSU spring roster released

WASHINGTON STATE’s spring roster was released late Monday, showing a number of a weight gains and decreases. The spring practice times have also changed.
March 21, 2016

Thursday Night Football: Young Cougar D roars

PULLMAN – Thursday Night Football, Mike Leach’s weekly showcase session for the Cougar youth, was a big night for the defense. The Cougar D was flying around the entire time -- stopping four fourth down attempts, collecting five pass breakups, picking off a pass and forcing and recovering a fumble. The Washington State offense?
November 19, 2015

WSU Linebackers: Fall Camp Preview

WASHINGTON STATE has removed the SAM linebacker from their base defense in favor of a nickel back but the linebackers group will still feature storylines aplenty when fall camp kicks off in Lewiston on Aug. 8. For starters, there’s the WIL position.
July 28, 2015

So long, Sam: WSU's post-spring depth chart

HOT OFF THE PRESSES, the post-spring Washington State depth chart no longer features a SAM linebacker. In its place, the nickel back.
May 7, 2015

WSU Photo Essay: Bull in the ring

PULLMAN – If you’ve ever walked by the end of a typical Mike Leach practice, all the players circle up and there’s a whole lot of yelling going on. That’s because several player duos get matched up and go one on one to see how comes out on top – Leach calls the drill “bull in the ring.” The CF.C lens captured a pair of linemen on Saturday in the ring.
April 5, 2015

Linebacker looks wide open this spring at WSU

WASHINGTON STATE linebackers coach Ken Wilson knows what he has in WIL Jeremiah Allison and MIK Peyton Pelluer. Beyond that duo, it’s something of a free for all here in the early days of spring.
March 31, 2015