First Blood: Cuts Are In

The San Diego Chargers sifted through their roster and came up with the necessary cuts to trim the roster down to the allotted 65, plus NFL Europe roster exemptions. Some of the choices were no doubt tough, but such is the way of life in the NFL.
August 26, 2003

Dirty Dozen: Roster Cuts

Training camp consisted of 80+ players on the San Diego Chargers roster. With game three in the books, the team must trim their roster down to 65 players and NFLE roster exemptions Luke Butkus, Seth Burford and Scott Pospisil get a stay of execution. Twelve players must go and Saturday in Houston was the final day to make an impression. Sunday the Chargers were off, but management was hard at work figuring out who the twelve are that must go.
August 25, 2003

Charger's Camp Report Saturday August 2, 2003

<b>"Take a Mulligan"</b><br><br> The tenor and tempo of the Charger's most recent camp outings have not been to Coach Schottenheimer's liking, and today was no different. After starting individual group drills, Schottenheimer was so under whelmed with the collective effort that he pushed the jumbo reset button. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars. The team started again by stretching and going back to redo the day's assignments.
August 3, 2003

Saturday Photo Op: Chargers Camp

San Diego Chargers training camp in Carson August 2nd, 2003. Jeff Sturgis of Chargers Update ( who witnessed the single practice session today, has pictures of <b>Jeremy McDaniel</b> the newest Charger! More updates on the way!! We have 12 autographed Paul Lowe 8x10 photos available to those who sign up for an anuual subscription (1 per person). This is in addition to ESPN the Magazine which is packaged with our annual subscription! Sign up today and thanks Paul!
August 3, 2003