Pittsburgh Steelers Make Roster Moves

<b>PITTSBURGH</b> — The Steelers made two roster moves today, releasing two veteran players who were former starters with the team. <br><br>The Steelers have terminated the contracts of eight-year veteran cornerback Chad Scott and nine-year veteran tight end Jay Riemersma.
February 25, 2005

Tight end could be upgraded

There is a fallacy among many Steelers fans that the team never throws the football to its tight ends. <br><br> Of course those who believe that fail to remember that Eric Green was the team's leading receiver in 1993 and 1994. And the last time I checked, Green was a tight end.
February 21, 2005

Blog ... If I Were A Carpenter

You might say the Steelers scratched <a href="http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05048/458818.stm"> their surface</a> already this off-season with the renovation of their playing field. The surface that claimed the season (career?) of New England cornerback Ty Law was a mess by season's end, but the players often cited it as part of their home-field advantage.
February 17, 2005

Bill Cowher Press Conference Transcript

<b>STEEELERS HC BILL COWHER</b><br> Let me just make a few comments and I'll certainly answer all the questions you have. In regards to the New England game, without going into the specifics of it, it was a disappointing ending to what I thought was a very special season.
January 26, 2005

Year of the Tight End

<b>PITTSBURGH - </b> Around the National Football League, it's the Year of the Tight End. <br><br>Antonio Gates of San Diego is second in the AFC with 54 receptions and first with 8 touchdown catches.
November 18, 2004