Lions cut Nick Harris, Derrick Williams

Former third-round pick and long-time punter are among those released by the team.
September 3, 2011

It's Signing Day Eve! (*MORE*)

Yes, for Michigan fans Signing Day looks a bit like Christmas morning, with all the brand new Wolverine like presents under the tree!<br><br> And just as Christmas Eve is a day of nervous expectation for boys and girls all over America, so is Signing Day Eve a time for a few pins and needles.<br><br> With three early Michigan commitments having settled things over the past few days, there are still three 'unopened packages' under the Michigan Tree -- hopefully for opening tomorrow!<br><br>
February 1, 2005

Undrafted Punter Has Shot To Unseat Harris

Normally it would be unheard of for an undrafted free agent to beat out a veteran punter but the circumstances are a little different when it comes to Kansas product Curtis Ansel, who was rated one of the top punters in the nation after averaging 41.2 yards per punt and pinning opponents inside their 20 yard line on 40.4% of his kicks.
May 12, 2004