Where Are They Now? Bert Berry

Contributing writer Lisa Kelly catches up with former Irish linebacker and NFL standout, Bert Berry.
July 19, 2012

Cardinals: Still More Questions Than Answers

Quarterback Matt Leinart has been in the NFL for four years, but many people, including some teammates, aren't sure how he'll fare as a starter. Leinart has played behind Kurt Warner the past two years, and his playing time was minimal. When he did play in 2009, he struggled. Leinart long has been a polarizing figure for fans, who seem to either love or hate him.
February 12, 2010

The Impact of Bertrand Berry's Retirement

After 12 years in the league, Bertrand Berry called it quits this week. The former Cardinal played some of his best football in red, was a locker room and fan favorite and could always be counted on when the chips were down. His retirement sheds light on a now, iffy defensive front seven.
January 23, 2010

Ten to Watch: Cardinals 2010 Offseason

The Arizona Cardinals season may be over, but the offseason speculation is just warming up. Arizona has a high number of core players who become free agents this year. Others could be used as trade bait. In case you haven't heard, there's also a situation at quarterback. Amberly Dressler outlines 10 players to watch this offseason.
January 21, 2010

Game Plan: AZ Cardinals @ NO Saints

The Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints both have areas that can be exploited on Saturday. Here is the Cardinals game plan to do just that.
January 14, 2010

"See You in New Orleans Baby"

The Green Bay Packers erased the Arizona Cardinals early lead but didn't end the home team's hopes of a back-to-back Super Bowl run. The entertaining ping-pong matchup lived up to its hype, and the Cardinals once again told its underdog status that it was barking up the wrong tree. The Cardinals and Kurt Warner live to see another day in the NFL playoffs courtesy of a 51-45 overtime victory.
January 10, 2010

Photo Gallery: Cardinals Can Packers

Ken Whisenhunt proved to make the better decision when he rested many of his starters last week against the Packers. The rematch was incredible, as the Cardinals catapulted themselves to see another day in the postseason thanks to a 51-45 win over Green Bay. While our staff catches their breath, here is the game in pictures.
January 10, 2010

Health and Depth Biggest Concern for Arizona

The Cardinals must rely on the health of some older players in key positions for the final four games of the regular season and into the playoffs. The most obvious is 38-year-old quarterback Kurt Warner, who missed a game earlier this season because of a concussion. But there are some lesser-known players who play important roles.
December 14, 2009