Ravens' Anderson still pounds the drum

Veteran RB and former Marine provides depth, discipline to Ravens' backfield
September 3, 2006

Lions Injury Report

As some Lions' return from injury-related absences, others are getting the bug.
August 27, 2004

Running Game Woes Slowing Offense

The Lions' inability to run the football is putting a severe crimp in their ability to cash in on their red zone opportunities. Going into their game Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings at the Metrodome, the Lions have the lowest red zone point production in the NFL -- 92 points in the first 10 games of the season.
November 20, 2003

Despite loss Woodson says Lions "not very good"

If two old geezers get into a scrap at the nursing home, does anybody care who comes out on top? Well, the NFL's version of that donnybrook came to life on Sunday when the two oldest teams in the NFL, the Oakland Raiders (the oldest) and the Detroit Lions (second oldest) had at one another and the younger guys came out on top, snapping a six-game losing streak in the process.
November 3, 2003