Catching Up With Steve Herndon

Rusty Mansell sits down with former Georgia Bulldog Steve Herndon.
May 5, 2009

Season in Review: Defensive Tackles

How much does Jamal Williams mean to the Chargers? Well over the last two years they are 11-4 with him in the lineup and 2-15 without him in the lineup. Joining Williams along the interior of the line was Jason Fisk, who was to make everyone forget about John Parrella leaving for Oakland. In the end, no one forgot.
January 20, 2003

What went wrong with the Cover 2?

What a wasted year on defense, The players felt like this was they year they End up in the top 5, The coordinator thought for sure this Defense would hound QB's and frustrate WR's all year. That did not happen; if anything it hounded the players and frustrated the Fans.
January 2, 2003

Addressing "the hit" on Jamal Williams

Broncos coach Mike Shanahan addressed the questionable hit Steve Herndon placed on Jamal WIlliams on Wednesday.
December 5, 2002