Fred on WTAM with WIlls and Synder, 10/25

Fred was on Wills and Snyder this morning like most Tuesdays, and talked about the Browns MASH unit at quarterback, the possibility of trades, and more...
Yesterday at 1:19 PM

Cleveland Browns: Just Say No to Trading Joe

Many Browns Fans Seem All Too Willing to Move On From Joe Thomas but should they?
Last Monday at 3:38 PM

O-Line situation compounds facing LeBeau

The Browns will start another group of offensive linemen this Sunday against the Titans as they face long-time Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau
October 12, 2016

Thomas frustrated when free agents leave

Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas voiced his frustrations of seeing talented young players leave via free agency such as Jabaal Sheard, who will face the Browns and Thomas this week
October 4, 2016

Browns Pep Talk: Keep The Faith

The 0-2 Cleveland Browns have been beset by injuries in a year where not much was expected in the win column. Why keep the faith? The OBR's Andrea Hangst tells you why this week.
September 24, 2016

Browns' 53-Man Roster Salary Cap Update

The Cleveland Browns' roster is down to 53 players and the 10-man practice squad is set. Now's the time to take a deep dive into the team's financial situation and where their salary cap spending stands as the season kicks off.
September 8, 2016

Browns New Identity Defined in One Offseason

In one Offseason, the Cleveland Browns have identified their identity in a very clear way. Moving forward, there is much we can learn from decisions this season.
September 4, 2016

Browns down 5 receivers vs. Falcons

The Browns have 12 players that will not play against the Falcons, including five wide receivers
August 18, 2016