PRACTICE REPORT: Wazzu DL makes some noise

PULLMAN — Practice started off slow, but finished on a high note for the Cougs on Wednesday. On D, there was good work being done in the trenches, and one sophomore DL even received a few reps with the first unit. Both sides of the ball got in some good work against the respective scout teams. CF.C also asked about two freshmen no longer listed by WSU on the daily practice roster.
September 4, 2013

PRACTICE: Offense owns day, Morrow to corner

PULLMAN—On a day that belonged to the offense, the WSU wide receivers enjoyed a solid day, which was highlighted by an acrobatic reception by redshirt junior Rickey Galvin. On the other side of the ball, with some bodies banged up, cornerback Daquawn Brown saw extended time running with the 1s and a fellow true freshman moved from offense over to corner.
September 3, 2013

DAY 18: Coug offense takes the day

PULLMAN - On a day where the Cougar offense prevailed, the No. 1s on both sides of the ball continued to put in solid work against the scout team and the coaches seemed happy with what transpired. The talk of the Cougs' camp has been the consistency of the o-line -- What did Day 18 reveal on that front? Also, a long serving walk on earns a scholie.
August 21, 2013

WSU FALL CAMP DAY 6: Dotson no longer in blue

LEWISTON — The Cougar defense stepped up the intensity on Wednesday after a lackluster effort the day before. One crimson newcomer makes the switch from the offensive side of the ball over to the defense – and he might get in on some special teams work this season. Also, a veteran linebacker hopes to make his return to the practice field soon and much more.
August 7, 2013

DAY 4: Hot tempers boil over for Cougs

LEWISTON -- Hot tempers made for a lively practice Monday afternoon for Washington State. Cougar players were involved in a number of scrums, shoving matches and profanity-laced screaming sessions. The WSU coaches got into the spirit of things, mixing in compliments for good plays with critiques that occasionally included more than a few words your mom never allowed at the dinner table.
August 5, 2013

COUNTDOWN TO 2013: Cougars O-Line Preview

PULLMAN – Perhaps no position is as paramount to the Cougs' success in 2013 than is the offensive line. Still largely unproven, there are however a number of hosses that do lend optimism for the upcoming season. But will the redshirt freshmen and new guys be able to contribute at the level desired -- and to provide the depth needed for a stable herd of Wazzu road graders this season?
July 12, 2013

O-line depth still strong w/ Rodgers leaving

THE COUGS' O-LINE depth in 2013 is a good deal stronger from where it was last season. And so the news that Jake Rodgers is transferring, likely to Eastern, isn't quite the hit it would have been in the past. But the Cougars will still lose experience and perhaps more importantly, versatility, with Rodgers' departure. Here's how the offensive line shapes up.
May 22, 2013

How to characterize WSU's 2013 class?

ABOVE ALL, the recruiting class that Mike Leach unveiled yesterday is athletic. That's an overused word in the recruiting vernacular but it's the key to Leach's talent upgrade process. The group has speed and size, but the characteristic that stands out most is versatility. This is a multi-dimensional group, with a number of them possibly growing into positions other than the ones listed today.
February 7, 2013