Cougars' Achilles: 2004 recruiting class

THE UNFORTUNATE SEASON-ending injury last week to quarterback Gary Rogers puts a sad exclamation point on the black hole that was WSU's 2004 recruiting class. Of the 24 prep players in the talent pool that signed with the program right after the Cougars' third-straight 10-win season -- a talent pool, mind you, that should be carrying a big load this season -- only three became major contributors.
September 30, 2008

NFL Cougar Highlights: Week Three

TWO COUGAR FAVORITES from the near past got their first professional taste of the end zone on Sunday, while two other Washington State alums from the more distant past made NFL news with some timely and historical kicks.
September 21, 2008

NFL Cougar Highlights: Week Two

ONCE AGAIN, CLEVELAND fans got a brief glimpse of the good things that can happen when Jerome Harrison touches the ball and are again left wondering why his number is called so seldom. Former teammate Michael Bumpus made the most of his big league debut, averaging 15 yards on 3 punt returns.
September 15, 2008