Filiaga Changes his Mind

Classes started Monday at BYU, and Utah's iron man Isley Filiaga was on BYU campus talking to Cougar coaches, but the conversation was not what the staff or BYU fans were hoping for. Contrary to recent statements by Filiaga that he will be a Cougar, the big defensive tackle will not be donning BYU blue next season. Filiaga explained to what led to his recent change of heart.
January 8, 2007

Filiaga Returns with Honor

Iron man Isley Filiaga returned home from his LDS mission last Friday. The Utah high school weightlifting record holder is anxious to get himself back in school and back in the weight room to prepare himself for the gridiron come spring. spoke with Filiaga about his plans for the near future.
December 26, 2006

Isley Filiaga "Green-Lighted" to Play for BYU

Utah's top defensive tackle recruit this year was notified during BYU's Friday morning practice he had been "green-lighted" by the NCAA Clearhinghouse today and immediately rushed to put on his helmet, pads and joined the defensive line unit on the field.
August 20, 2004

DT Isley Filiaga is Watching, Learning and Waiting

He is arguably the strongest prep defensive tackle in the country. He attends all BYU football practices and defensive team meetings soaking up every word and instructions like a sponge. More than anything else, he anxiously awaits the opportunity to wring out his frustrations on Cougar opponents this fall and beyond.
August 18, 2004

Filiaga Draws Closer to Academic Qualification

BYU defensive line signee <b>Isley Filiaga</b> busted out onto the national prep weightlifting scene when he bench-pressed 185 pounds a whopping 41 times two years ago at a NIKE Camp and later lifted a more impressive 225 pounds 36 times at BYU.
March 30, 2004

Brian Soi Encouraged Isley Filiaga to Sign at BYU

It's no secret that BYU strength and conditioning assistant, <b>Tui Filiaga</b>, wanted his son to commit, sign and play for the Cougars this fall. What IS interesting is who strongly encouraged him to sign with BYU: Utah State bound defensive tackle <b>Brian Soi</b>.
February 5, 2004

Filiaga Commits to BYU; Prepping for ACT Testing

You might think a highly-recruited gridiron athlete whose father, one of the strength and conditioning assistants at BYU, would certainly have the Cougars near or at the top of his list of college choices, right? Wrong!
January 27, 2004