Davis wouldn't mind putting demons to rest

Beau Davis . OK, be honest now: what was the first thing that popped into your mind? It was either his very slight frame or that rather not-so-slight disparity between Nebraska and Texas Tech almost three years ago. Davis would like the chance to put something else in everyone's mind, and his own as well. He still hasn't given up.
March 27, 2007

Scout TV: 1 on 1 with QB - Beau Davis

From last year when a seemingly shell-shocked Beau Davis left the field after collapsing against Texas Tech, you wondered if you might ever see him again. Well, he's back and with a purpose, recently taking over the number two spot on the depth chart behind junior college transfer Zac Taylor. It's not been a long time coming as Davis has been here just a year, but it's patience paying off for Davis.
April 14, 2005

Another QB for the mix?

There's been a lot of names that have surfaced as possible candidates for one of the top two spots on NU's QB depth chart. Most of the time, the names talked about in there are that of Zac Taylor and Jordan Adams. Well, there's one QB that might have taken a step into at least putting his name into the mind of the coaches as someone who wants a crack. And, he might just make that happen.
April 9, 2005

One on One with QB, Beau Davis

1-8, 4 interceptions and a fumble. That's not the way Beau Davis wanted to start his Husker career, nor would it be for anyone. It happened though, and Beau reflects on just what happened, what he feels about it now and where he goes from here. He doesn't look at his debut as anything other than what it was and now, he's ready to move on. Enjoy this edition of video bytes.
October 12, 2004

VIDEO BYTES - QB, Beau Davis

With the loss of Jordan Adams for an indefinite period of time, those that were vying for second are now on center stage. Who can take Joe Dailey's spot if he goes down? Who will be ready to play? Right now the odds are on true freshman, Beau Davis who despite his stature has showed that he's someone that can contend for the job. Beau talked about that and the future with us in this edition of video bytes
August 14, 2004