Prolific day topped by just getting the win

Any tight end which gets 129 yards receiving, including one reception which went for 73 yards and a score - that's got to make you pretty darn happy. For tight end Sean Hill, the day was nice, but he's much happier that it wasn't all for nothing and the team came out with the win.
September 22, 2007

Photo Day Sound Bytes: Sean Hill

Check out these photo day sound bytes with tight end Sean Hill.
August 20, 2005

Scout TV: 1 on 1 with TE - Sean Hill

He's been an unknown for awhile now. Well, no longer, but even to you, Sean Hill might still be a player that makes you scratch your head, wondering just who in the heck that is. You don't have to ask Jay Moore who Sean Hill is, Moore just one of the many pancaked by Sean Hill in the now famous one-on-one call-out drill. But, Hill isn't just formidable in physicality, but attitude as well and his attitude this year is simple: Take advantage of every opportunity you get.
April 14, 2005