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The days have been long and hot for <b> Jhermaine McAroy.</b> But he's not complaining. A member of Florida State's incoming recruiting class, McAroy is a highly-touted cornerback from Pensacola Senior High School who has been in Tally since June. Spending time conditioning and working on a construction crew, McAroy is looking foward to the start of practice "It's something I have never seen before. It's definitely different (laughing) but I am getting used to it," McAroy said and smiled.
July 27, 2003 Florida Top 100

Better late than never. Here is the Florida Top 100.
January 31, 2003

Not So Fast My Friend

No one has consistently recruiting better over the years than Florida State. But the Noles have had back to back sub-par years by their standards and some off the field issues to deal with. How will this affect their recruiting efforts? Well, it may not affect Florida State at all.
January 17, 2003