Game Week: UCLA's Offense vs. Utah's Defense

Oct. 19 -- Utah's defense is once again a very good unit, and it's going against an offense that has been anemic running the ball through seven games...
Last Wednesday at 3:07 AM

Utah Defensive Preview

We take a closer look at Utah's defense in anticipation of Saturday's matchup with Arizona.
October 6, 2016

Experienced Secondary of Paramount Concern

BERKELEY -- Utah brings experience in the secondary, but there may be a soft underbelly on defense that the Cal offense can exploit against the Utes.
September 30, 2016

Top Performers - Linebackers

Here's a quick look at which JUCO linebackers had big games last weekend including Santa Barbara's Morgan Nevin who put up huge numbers in his team's loss to Santa Monica...
November 5, 2013

Top Performers - Linebackers

Last weekend, some JUCO linebackers put up big numbers in both wins and losses. Here is a look at who did what and how their seasons are coming along...
October 8, 2013