Washington Cut

Early in training camp Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Blache, speaking with the media about Marcus Washington, spotted the linebacker and pointed out what he saw: a happy, bouncing, smiling player.
February 20, 2009

Ten Spot Preview: Eagles at Redskins

Do the Redskins have anything left? Are they playing for Jim Zorn's job? How important is it to have Marcus Washington back? Can the Redskins stop the blitz? These questions and more are answered right here along with John's predictions for the game.
December 21, 2008

Redskins Report: December 17th

Full injury updates including Samuels' surgery. Who is coming back after being injured? What is the team's mood like? Also more on London Fletcher and more is all right here.
December 18, 2008

Redskins Report: December 11th

Jon Jansen practicing? Any hangover from the Zorn vs. Portis blow up? Will Marcus Washington get one last home game as a Redskin? All this and more is right here.
December 11, 2008

Redskins Report: November 3rd

How are the injuries looking? What do some players think about the "rivalry" with the Ravens? How does Pete Kendall describe playing against a 3-4 defense? Colt Brennan regressing at practice? All this and more is right here.
December 3, 2008

Redskins-Giants Injury Report, Predicitons

The Washington Redskins should not have to worry about covering Plaxico Burress on Sunday. The New York Giants may or may not have to worry about tackling Clinton Portis.
November 29, 2008

Redskins Report: November 26th

Who are the Redskins really concerned about injury wise? What dish are the Zorns famous for at Thanksgiving? Why is it a sad day for beat writers today? All this and more right here.
November 26, 2008

Ten Spot Preview: Cowboys at Redskins

Will Clinton Portis play? Who else might miss? Can Taylor help? What difference will Tony Romo play? What's the key defensively? All this and more is right here.
November 16, 2008