The Joe Cougfan Report, No. 1

PULLMAN - - Let it be known, I begin my journalism "career" with clear goals: No painstaking reporting for me, I'm much too lazy and the <I>CF.C</I> writers already take care of those things far better than I could ever hope to. No, I'd like to make my mark with some biased, totally unqualified and ill-informed opinions. God knows there aren't enough of those on the Internet.
August 11, 2003

Breaking Down The Pac 10 Conference

USC dominated in-state and in turn dominated the West region as well. They finished with the nation's top class in our eyes but the Trojans weren't the only ones celebrating on Signing Day as several other schools finished in our national top 25 as well.
February 19, 2003

Recruiting News & Notes From The CaliFlorida Bowl

Now that the CaliFlorida Bowl has come and gone, we can turn our attention back to recruiting. Before we close the book however, here's a look at what we heard during the week and how things could be playing out on the recruiting front.
January 6, 2003

CaliFlorida Bowl Practice Day Four

It was another spirired practice Thursday as the Cali squad looks as ready as they can be to face the favored Florida squad on Saturday. This would be the last practice of the week as Friday the team was going to finish the week off with a walk through at the hotel.
January 3, 2003

CalFlorida Practice Day One

There's a saying in all star games that the defenses are always ahead of the offense the first few days and that was definitely the case today. The entire defense and particularly the defensive line was dominant all practice long.
December 30, 2002

Post Season Rankings: The Offensive Linemen

From top to bottom, this is a very solid year for offensive linemen out West with a handful of franchise players at the top of the list. Several players we didn't even have ranked in the pre-season jumped in to our top 20 but the No. spot is still headed by Mission Viejo's (Calif.) Drew Radovich.
December 5, 2002

The Daily Recruiting Word

How much recruiting action went down on Thanksgiving and early Friday? Not much to be honest, but the <I>Word</i> is here to break it down.
November 29, 2002